AGU 2013

The American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting is one of my favorite events of the year.  I love meeting up with other geoscientists and catching up on what’s new in the community.  In addition to attending fabulous sessions in Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism (and Planetary Science!), I spent a fair amount of time in meetings.  There is so much to discuss about the evolution of the lunar core dynamo magnetic field, particularly regarding non-traditional dynamo mechanisms such as mantle precession and compositional convection.  I learned a lot this week!

Being in the Bay Area also gave me a chance to swing by my postdoctoral institutions, UC-Berkeley and the Berkeley Geochronology Center.  I got to spend some time optimizing the setup of the brand new Berkeley Paleomagnetism Laboratory with my new colleagues, as well as Isaac and Frank from Applied Physics/2G Enterprises.  It’s pretty amazing to see a new lab come together, and it’s giving me a taste of what it will be like to set up my own lab in the future (hopefully!).  On Wednesday night, we hosted a demo of our new XY-stage automatic sample changer at the annual BGC party.  Fun times!

I also got a chance to start playing with the samples Nick, Luke, and I collected from the Slate Islands Impact Structure this summer.  We are collaborating with Natalia, an awesome Russian paleomagnetist who will help us run some high-shock pressure experiments on samples to see how their magnetic properties may be affected by impact events.  We also had fun taking a series of “pretentious scientist photos” with our samples.  🙂  Happy geologizing!



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