job news!

So, it’s official.  I accepted a position in the Department of Geophysics at Stanford University, and I will be starting there as an Assistant Professor on 9/1/19.  As of 6/30/19, I am no longer on the faculty at Rutgers University.

My new email address at Stanford is smtikoo [at] stanford [dot] edu so please contact me there if you need to reach me for anything.

lab setup phase 1

We were so privileged to have “the Bruces” from Lodestar Magnetics come to work on the interior of the Rutgers magnetically shielded room this past week!  In addition to building new casework, the team installed epoxy resin countertops and strip curtains for our clean room partition (these were first time experiences for the Lodestar team!).  BTW the countertops are officially colored “lunar white” – how cool is that?!


We still don’t have all our equipment here (including the magnetometer) or the HVAC installed yet, and many samples need to be obtained and/or prepped for future work.  Nevertheless, we are very grateful for our awesome suppliers and contractors and that things are moving along.